Site Rules


Site Rules


Site Rules

We here at use an infraction system of 0 – 10 points to warn and if need be ban noncompliant users.

§  When a user reaches 10 infraction points within 30 days they will receive a soft ban of 1 week.

§  However, based on the reasons behind the points received and/or prior history of the user may be permanently banned.

§  If you have a problem with a decision a member of staff has made, PM them. If you feel that you are being harassed by a member of the staff, please contact an Administrator.

The maximum number of infraction points within a 30-day period of time you can gain is 10 points after which you will automatically be banned for a minimum of 1 week and a maximum of permanent.

We reserve the right to adjust the infraction point values as needed, globally and on a case by case bases.

I know that we can all behave like adults when we want to, so please adhere to these site rules, and have fun.


1.       NO Spamming of any kind. 2 points

·         We do not allow spamming.

·         Ads are not allowed anywhere on the site unless they are sponsored.

·         At this point we have no sponsored Ads on the site.

·         No posting with the intent of promoting stores/websites.

·         No posting with the intent of re-directing traffic.

·         If you wish to advertise, contact an admin.

·         No personal Ads. We're not a personals board. If that is what you are looking for go to a dating site, not here.


2.       NO Flaming/Trolling. 2 points

·         Any form of personal insult is not allowed.

·         As a basic rule of thumb: if you think that what you are about to post is insulting, don't post it.

·         No posting with the intent of starting "Drama". If you feel the need to start trouble, go elsewhere.


3.       Keep posts in the appropriate forum. 1 point.

·         For example, don't post a topic about the toys you bought this morning in General Discussion, that sort of thing.


4.       No alternate identities. Ban.

·         This is instantly bannable if we catch you. You and any alternate ID's will be permanently banned immediately. If you're sharing your computer with a roommate or family member, please contact us to avoid bannings.

·         You must Report known member alternate IDs

·         If it is discovered that you knew of another member's alternate identity and you did not report it, or discover it and try to "hide" it from moderators, you will receive an automatic temporary ban from the site.

·         Banned members are gone for a reason, assisting them in getting back on the site/boards makes you just as guilty.

·         As a note on full disclosure “H@ck_M@st3r” is the Maintenance/Administration account and as such “DravenLock” has full access to said account.


5.       Reframe from heavy usage of inappropriate Language. 1 point.

·         A lot of users here swear a lot in real life and use "blue" commentary; however, we also have a to be mindful of others, as it is easy to cross the line of being funny and mildly crude to being outright Offensive.

·         You never know how old or sensitive the next person to read your post is going to be. So try to keep the amount of swearing you use in posts to a minimum.

·         Obscene, blatantly Offensive, X-rated, Explicit, and Racial Slurs Are Never Allowed. See Rule #6.


6.       NO Harassing of any kind. 2 points.

·         This includes but is not limited to racist remarks, remarks based on a person’s sex, their sexual preference, age or any remark based on their economic standing.

·         Politics, this topic is guaranteed to generate flaming/Trolling; as such, debate/discussion on it is not allowed anywhere on this site.

·         Religious debate/discussion will be removed. We believe in freedom of Speech/Religion however, this topic is guaranteed to generate flaming/Trolling; as such, debate/discussion on it is not allowed anywhere on this site.

·         Abortion debate/discussion will be removed. We believe in the right to choose however, this topic is guaranteed to generate flaming/Trolling; as such, debate/discussion on it is not allowed anywhere on this site.

·         Do not be disrespectful of other members of this site everyone is entitled to their opinion even if it is wrong, to you.


7.       Privacy is Everyone’s Right. 5 points – Ban.

·         You must have permission to post information from a source other than this site. 

·         Do not post IM or PM Conversations. No one wants to see a conversation that they were not a part of.

·         A Privacy violation may include, but is not limited to: exposing of Facebook/MySpace/Twitter info, real name, address, etc. Your privacy is exactly that, yours.

·         Keep Off-Site Drama Off This Site.

§ If it happened elsewhere then don't bring it here. If it is found that you are starting drama/trolling elsewhere and trying to bring that outside drama here (i.e. - spreading rumors, flaming members, threatening violence, etc.), you will be banned. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.


8.       Do not post custom figures that you yourself did not create. 3 points

·         If you post Pictures of a custom, you did not create and we find out about it through a 3rd party, your post will be removed.

·         You may post images of a custom that you did not create if you have permission to do so, also you must credit the creator in the post (you may be contacted to prove you are in possession of consent). Also See Rule #16.

·         You may post up to 1 image of a custom that you did not create for purposes of identifying the customs original creator only.

·         If you take credit for someone else’s creation it is by Our Definition theft and you will be Banned.


9.       No Porn and/or discussion of sexual activity allowed. 5 points

·         Persons of any Age, Race, Male, Female, Mutant, Monster, Animal, Demonic or Divine Being Real or Fake depicted in Line art (Pin-ups, Hentai and Comic), Photo (Gifs, Pin-ups, photographs, Mems, Hentai, Comics and Magazines) or Video (Gifs, Hentai, Cartoons, Movies, TV shows etc.) in a suggestive manner or performing any sexual act nude or otherwise IS by our opinion PORN.

·         No links to pornographic sites or content/discussion will be allowed whatsoever.

·         No discussion on pornographic or sexually related activities. There are many sites on the internet that cater to sexual topics, is not one of them.


10.   Artistic Representations of the NUDE form.

·         Due to the nature of these figures we will allow all of Boss Fight Studios original figures to be photographed and posted without gear/armor on, in their un-modified state only.

·         With that said artistic representations of the Nude form concerning Modified Action Figures will be allowed ONLY in the [NSFW] forum. All such Topics must be labeled with an A inside brackets, like this [A].

·         Art that is in the correct location and labeled correctly but could be borderline porn will be taken down and the user will get a minor infraction that will “falloff” after 1 week. 1 point


11.   No posting of "Graphic Images". 1-week Ban

·         Real Life Corpses/dead bodies, mutilated bodies, Graphical depictions of sexual activity or any image which can be considered overly sick or disgusting.

·         Posting of these types of images will result in a 1-week suspension from the boards.

·         Anything of a graphic nature that could possible offend members of the community will be reviewed on a per case basis by the site staff.

·         If you have anything of a questionable nature, please review with site staff prior to posting.


12.   Misuse of Signatures. 1 point. Signature removed.

·         Only 1 Picture per Signature.

·         Signature Pictures must be no larger than 350 pixels high by 700 pixels wide. This is to make our site as mobile friendly as possible, while still allowing for uniqueness within you signature.

·         Signature Pictures may not exceed a 100KB file size.

·         No bandwidth theft you must host your Signature yourself or on a child safe picture hosting site.

§ Every time you link to a picture hosted on someone else's site without their permission, you are stealing their bandwidth. If you do this in a signature, and we find it, your signature will be removed on the spot.

·         If you have questions regarding your Signature contact a Moderator thru PM.


13.   When posting News provide sources. 1 point.

·         Provide a link back to the source when one is available.

·         If providing a link is not possible you must state it as a rumor. All such Topics must be labeled with an R inside brackets like this [R].

·         All posts not following this will be hidden from the public for 3 days, for the poster to fix the post. If the post is not fixed in that time it will be deleted


14.   No discussion of illegal/fraudulent activities

·         No discussion of illegal and/or fraudulent activities.

§ Such as exchanging items for a price other than what you paid for it at retail, how to repack an item, etc. Practices like this hurt all collecting communities a we will not contribute to it, regardless of your justifications.

·         This includes MP3's, games, pirated software, movies, full book or full comic scans.

·         No discussion of where to download videogame "Roms". Talk of the actual emulators is permitted though, as these are fully legal.

·         Selling of pirated software, copied episodes, comics on CD, copied CD's, etc. is not permitted. Linking to places where these things CAN be bought.

·         This kinds of Activities/Discussions have no place on


15.   NO Arguing with a Moderator or the Site Admin. 5 points

·         This does not mean that you can’t ask questions, what it means is if a moderator makes a ruling and you continue to complain about it to them you will get more points added to your infraction, at 1 point per additional complaint over the same issue, this will continue until you stop or you are Banned.

·         No questioning/mouthing off staff

·         This is stated at the beginning of this page however it warrants repeating.

§  If you have a problem with a decision a member of staff has made, PM them. If you feel that you are being harassed by a member of the staff, please contact an Administrator.

·         The decision of the Administrator is final.


16.   No posting anything for banned members. 1 Week Ban.

·         If someone is banned, it happened for a reason.

·         If a banned user misses out on some site event because they are banned that is too bad that is the cost, they must pay of their actions.

·         If we find you posting sales, art, messages, etc. for a banned member, for any reason, you will find yourself banned for one week. Do it again, and it will be a permanent ban. No warnings will be given.


17.   No rewards while Banned.

·         All Rights, Privileges and Rewards a user may have been entitled to prior to being banned are Null and Void for the duration of the banning.

§ If user would have won an event like “Mod of the Month” their entry will be removed from contention and their entry archived for the duration of the ban.

·         If the user is a paid site subscriber:

§ Temporary Ban: Full subscription rights will be restored at the end of ban.

§ Permanent Ban: Subscription will be cancelled WHITHOUT refund. (This is an extreme example that we would like to avoid but are not afraid to utilize if needed).


18.   No Sales of goods. 3 points.

·         We do not permit the direct trade/sales of goods on this site. Also see rule #1.

·         You are permitted to provide links (up to 3) to your wares in your signature. See rules # 12 and #14.


19.   No public discussion about rules or administrative action taken on the site or on members. 1 point.

·         Concerned about the rules? Did we discipline someone? PM us about it. Neither are appropriate topics for public dialogue.

·         We appreciate feedback, suggestions, and discussion on rules and why they are the way they are however this needs to be contained civil and private, ultimately the decision of the Administrator is final.


20.   If you see anyone breaking any of these rules, follow these steps. Not following these steps.   1 point.

·         DO NOT TAKE ACTION INTO YOUR OWN HANDS. Proceed to the next step.

·         Click the report button wait 1 day. If not taken care of proceed to the next step.

·         PM a Moderator wait 3 days (they have a lot on their plate). If not taken care of proceed to the next step.

·         PM the site Admin wait 3 days (he has a lot going on also.)

·         False accusations will gain you a 1-week Ban.

§  So please provide proof of wrong doing.


21.   Think before you post.

·         This sounds like a given but more times than not, this just does not happen.

·         Most times what is posted is not intentionally hurtful or offensive, and if the poster would have taken the time to reread their post prior to clicking post, they would have realized their error and avoided the drama.


22.   Have Fun.


It’s a lot to take in all at once I know, but each rule is there to make your time here as enjoyable as possible.


Thanks for your time.

Best regards,

Boss Fight Hacks Staff 



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